At Taylor’s Schools, our purpose is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community.

As educators, we emphasise the importance of learning and recognise that it extends beyond academic excellence. To lay the foundation for lifelong success for our learners, they must be relevant for a rapidly changing world, responsible for their actions, and able to withstand adversity and bounce back from challenging life events.

They must be Relevant, Responsible and Resilient.

We want to embrace these vital qualities in all we do at Taylor’s Schools and, ultimately, nurture our learners to become the catalyst of change the world needs today.


In a constantly evolving world, we must be willing to learn, grow and welcome change. Today, we want to embrace our learners as digital natives, nurturing them to be solution-oriented innovators with entrepreneurial mindsets, who will strive to fix real-world challenges.


It is our responsibility to instil in our learners a strong sense of care for themselves, those close to them, their communities and the world at large. Everyone can make a difference, no matter how small.


The ability to remain mentally and emotionally healthy amidst adversities is a vital character trait in life. Together, we want to create a supportive environment where learners can learn from their mistakes and overcome challenges that will come their way.

About Taylor’s Schools

Taylor’s Schools include a family of six schools located in Malaysia and Singapore. Each function independently but reaps the benefits of having shared expertise and best practices. A member of the Taylor’s Education Group (TEG), we pride ourselves as the centre of excellence for students from Early Years to Postgraduates.